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Another step closer to weight loss for women with PCOS is 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise. Cardio workout is the workout that is often recommended when person wants to lose weight or when excess body fat needs to be reduced. Examples of cardio workout are the following: swimming, dancing, jogging, cycling, (fast) walking, exercising on a treadmill any type of exercise that will make your heart beat faster. Take one step at a time, and adjust the workout to your capabilities: start with small steps and in no time, walking or jogging a mile or two will be a joke.

Remember my words! For excess fat in stomach area abdominal workout is recommended: crunches for example (with many varieties of crunches available). There are two ways to perform exercises for abdominal area. One example is performing abdominal exercises fast and relatively high number of repetitions (more than 300), another way to perform them, is to exercise very slowly with low number of repetitions (as little as 50 repetitions). According to many studies, it is essential for women with PCOS to exercise, because exercise can improve their insulin resistance just with moderate activity.

Even if you exercise and don't lose weight, you are still reaping very important health benefits. I am sure you have heard that exercise has been shown to improve use of insulin and can support dietary interventions to promote weight loss. However, it is important that the exercise program chosen is enjoyable for you. For this reason enjoy whatever you do: dance with your partner, for example take dancing lessons; join aerobic club and exercise in group it can be a great fun and you can meet many great people; go for a walk with your friend. It is really important that you enjoy whatever you decide will become your daily exercise routine. Do not be disappointed if you find you are not losing weight not as fast as you would like. Follow the advice given above, include PCOS diet tips and you will see those pounds constantly drop off. Perhaps they will drop slowly, but they will drop surely.

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