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Workout schedules for women

When it comes to differences between men and women in exercising, it has to be said it is not so big anymore. This is because women tend to visit gyms regularly and properly just as men, and it can be said that the ratio of genders that enter the gym is about 50:50.  This is a great thing because it means that more and more people are thinking about their physical shape.

Scheduling a workout

Workout schedules for women are more or less equal to those of men, except for the additional weight used. Also, most of the women prefer cardio workout more than anything else. This is because cardio workout is focusing more on the fat burning process than any other thing. Men are more into muscle mass building. Cardio is excellent for fat burning because of the slow muscle contractions needed for the execution of the exercises. Also, low level of strength is needed for cardio and this enables a practitioner to exercise for a long time. Oxygen is present in the muscle contraction process and that is why cardio is called aerobic type of exercising. Oxygen prevents quick accumulation of the lactic acid, which is directly responsible for the tiredness of the muscles, at least according to some theories.

For effective workout, a good schedule must be planned, which means there must be at least 4 training sessions a week, with two days left for resting and one day for cross training. Cross training is essential because it will activate the same muscles a bit differently, and that will add more to the toning effect. As for those four days, they should include cardio elements such as running (treadmill), use of elliptical trainer, stretching and use of low weights, usually in the form of dumbbells. Low weight dumbbells will not disturb cardio nature of the training session but will help with increasing the strength of the muscles.

The results

For reaching the best possible results, cardio should be combined with some resistance training. As already said, only light weights should be used and that will turn the training session towards creating lean muscles. This means that exercises like dumbbell press and bicep curls should be performed next to standard exercises. Core area should be focused too (abdominal area and corresponding back area). Sit ups, crunches and leg raising should be an important part of each training session. Also, although that should be used only when really necessary, the supplements like energy boosters and fat burners should be used.

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