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Exercising for men is not all about increasing muscle mass and creating a bodybuilding type of body with emphasized bulkiness. That kind of body is not easy to create, but there are also some other workout types, which might be more appropriate for all those who are not thrilled with having a giant muscle mass only.


Some would say that the opposite type of exercising to muscle mass building is cardio training. It has to be said that any type of exercising has its benefits for the organism so that the final outcome is more or less the same – a healthy body and a confident mind. The main difference between cardio and muscle mass building is in the presence of oxygen. Muscle lifting exercises are based on explosive movements, which do not allow the participation of oxygen in muscle contraction process. So, since cardio workout demands slower motions with low strength level, oxygen is present and it allows longer performing of exercises and decreases the speed of lactic acid accumulation.


Even though cardio workout creates lean muscles, it does not mean that the strength gained is lower than the strength gained by resistance training. Also, it has to be said that there are many hybrid types of workout that utilize elements of several different workout types for creating a strong and fit body, the one that will be able to withstand many physical challenges. Cardio workouts for men should be intensive and there should also be some weight lifting included. This type of session can start with spot jogging for warming up the body. This should last for about two minutes, and then some variations should be done. For example, spot jogging with knee rising is great for building the core and for shaping the legs. Jumping jacks can be included and all sort of step forms (forward and back, jumping to sides etc.). This is a pure cardio workout, which is great for fat burning but also for strengthening the core muscles.

After this, push-ups combined with jumping can be done. From a push-up position a practitioner gets up fast and jumps. Legs are not bending, but they are stretched because the moment the feet touch the floor after the jump, the body should fall into the push-up position. This fast transformation is really intensive and requires tremendous amount of energy. After this, some weight lifting should be done. To keep the spirit of cardio workout up, weight of dumbbells should be moderate, so that many reps can be done but not too low, because some muscle mass is always needed. After this, the core should be built some more with the help of crunches and sit-ups. This would be the base of a training session, one example in the sea of many different and effective cardio workouts for men.

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