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When itcomes to workout, it has to be said that there are many different types and every one ofthem has two main effects - reduced weight and increased muscle strength.These are visible results but there are also some other positive effects that are very important. They could all be put in a group of benefits by the name ofhealthy organism. People usually think mostly of the fit body and bulked upmuscles, but there are benefits of exercising that are much more important.Those are increased overall energy, boosted libido and immune system, increasedrate of basal metabolism, enhanced functioning of certain systems, etc.


Exercisingcan be performed both at home and in a gym, sometimes outside, in the park, ifpossible. Home workout has its own advantages and the most important one would besaving time needed to go to the gym and back. It might not seem much,but in the world we are living, every minute counts. Workout at home does notrequire too much space, only if a person desires some workout device can beused, such as elliptical trainer or a treadmill. Also, additional weight can beused for muscle building, either in the form of dumbbells or barbell.

Body areas

Cardio workout tends to activate more or less the entire body with many muscle groupsengaged, while muscle mass building focuses lesser number of muscles. Usual the body areas that are focused from the start are chest, abdomen, arms and legs.As for the upper body workout at home, there are many exercises that should beused. For example, push-up is excellent for developing arms, abs, shoulders,even legs to a certain point. Abdominal region should be developed with sit-ups, crunches and leg raising. Dumbbell presses and barbell press and variationsof these are excellent for the chest area and pectoral muscles. For more toning,pull up bar should be installed, but that really does not require too muchspace. Perhaps the best thing to do would be a combination of cardio and musclemass building. Spot jogging is an excellent warm up form and it also has manyvariations that will focus the leg muscles. After that, several sets of push-ups canbe done followed by a lot of abdominal exercises. Then dumbbell press can bemade with using only a chair and weights and this entire set should be repeated several times, as long as it iseffective and exercises can be done properly.

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