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Exercise Routine for Busy People

If you want to exercise but can simplynever find enough time for it, circuit workouts may be just the thingfor you. Basically, these exercises incorporate minimal groups ofnecessary physical activities meant to maintain your physical fitnesswithout taking too much of your time. Therefore, all those who do notseem to manage to squeeze exercises in their daily schedule, takethese into consideration. Circuit training is a combination of cardioand weightlifting training, being a productive mixture of bothaerobic and anaerobic exercises meant to grant you both weightcontrol through burning calories and muscle toning through workingout a bit harder. However, at the end of the day, circuit trainingwill not be enough to grant you a body of a god, let alone thestrength of one. Rather, consider these exercises as a good trainingwhich you can incorporate into your busy life, providing you fitnessand a bit of calorie burning during your busy days. All you need isabout 30 minutes a day in order to go through with your circuittraining. If you are interested in maintaining your physical fitnessthis way, read on and learn how to incorporate circuit training intoyour own life.

Circuit Training Routine

The following things are all partsyour excellent circuit training will consist of. First of all, youmay start by warming up, using the jumping rope for about 2 minutes.If you are not experienced with this exercise item, take it slowly,doing the basic jumping exercises, advancing later, as you becomemore skillful. Beforehand, make sure you perform some stretches, justto get your body going and avoid possible injuries.

Once this is done, come about 10repetitions of lunges. This exercise will get you going for the next,gradually harder part of the workout. Namely, the next are push-ups.Make sure you do them properly and carefully, not being sloppy orhaving a wrong posture during the process. As for the necessaryrepetitions, you might do 25 push-ups before moving onto the nextactivity. After push-ups, you are ready to indulge into instant cardiotraining, running for about 10 minutes. Once this is out of the way,incorporate all of your strength into performing pull-ups, 12repetitions of these. Pull-ups are not an easy exercise to perform.Thus, make sure you are careful, avoiding overdoing it or doing itwrongly. The final stage involves 20 squats, 2 minutes of planksfollowed by 12 repetitions of calf raises and a finishing touchthrough stretching and relaxation.

Alternatively, you might swap thistraining with 2 minutes of jumping jacks, 12 repetitions of pull-ups,the same number of free squats, doing 20 push-ups afterwards. Next,continue with 12 lunges, 20 dips, 30 repetitions of abdominal crunches,finishing with doing calf raises 12 times and, finally, stretchingand relaxing.

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