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Jump Sky-high

If you are an athlete whose verticalleap capabilities are crucial for the sport you are playing, yousurely need to invest plenty of time into developing this importantskill. You have to be aware that you can best boost your verticalleap through various exercises designed specifically for thesepurposes. These exercises, when combined together, will develop yourjumping skills by concentrating on your leg, hip and abdominalmuscles. Once you start practicing the following vertical jumpworkout, you are bound to notice significant progress in this skillof yours. In the long run, the effects will surely be stunning andyou will be widely known for your amazing vertical leap. The workoutconsists of the warm up part, the main exercise part and thestretching part. None of these is to be left out since all three areequally important.

The Vertical Leap Exercise Program

Before starting with any seriousworkout, you need an adequate warm-up. This part may last for 10minutes and consist of several different light physical activitiesyou may organize as you like. For example, you might jog lightly inone place, or you might introduce a jumping rope in the process.Alternatively, climbing the stairs is an excellent warm-up too. Suchactivities will not put a major pressure on your body, exhausting iteven before the main workout starts. Rather, warm-up should get thebody into adequate shape, speeding up circulation, increasing yourbody temperature, and protecting your muscles from any damage.

The main part of the exercise programstarts with the jumping rope as well. That being said, play somerelaxing and motivating music and skip that rope for a bit, beforemoving onto the main part of the workout.

Then, stand straight, making sure yourback is completely straightened. Then, bend your knees and move downuntil you feel comfortable. Once you reach your limit, slowly returnto the initial position. Fifteen repetitions of this exercise arehighly advised.

The next exercise involves assuming thesame position, only to crouch from it and jump as high vertically asyou can. Upon touching the ground again, you are to perform the jumpagain immediately. Twenty repetitions will be enough.

Your toes and feet are very importantfor your vertical leap. Thus, exercise by standing straight, standingonto the tip of your toes for several seconds and returning back tothe initial position. Repeat this 30 times.

Finally, before stretching, you need toperform abdominal crunches. Therefore, lie down on your back and,without using your neck, or any other part of your body except yourabs, try to lift your shoulders, doing 10 repetitions.

Stretching is very important since itrelaxes your muscles and makes it both safer and easier for you tomove on to the next parts of your vertical leap program. So, do notneglect this part.

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