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For women diagnosed with PCOS workout should become a daily routine. Many studies suggest that regular moderate exercise improves insulin resistance, and only moderate workout is needed. Women with PCOS can benefit greatly from that even if they aren't losing weight (and the weight loss for them is due to insulin resistance quite a project) Women with PCOS that want to lose weight must incorporate two things - nutrition and moderate workout. Women diagnosed with PCOS are often considered pre-diabetic and diets for diabetics are often recommended. PCOS diet includes avoiding sugary carbs and consume whole grains, which includes whole grain pastas, beans, wholegrain bread; eat lean proteins such as fish, chicken breasts, tofu, and of course should never forget about veggies and fruits. It is also important to take the time to consume 5 small meals (eat meal consisted of approximately 300 calories), this way they will never overeat and will also never be hungry.

Cardio workout is beneficial when a person must lose weight and excess body fat. At least 30 minutes of cardio workout should be included in daily routine. Cardio workout activities for blasting calories and getting in great shape are the following: jogging, walking, hiking, dancing, cycling, rollerskating, skiing, step aerobics, most sports with ball (soccer, handball, tennis ) basically all sports that include some sort of body moving and that make your heart beat faster, are considered cardio workout. Even weightlifting: if your strength training includes many repetitions with low weights, we are talking about cardio training. Bodybuilders for example make low number of repetitions (for example 5), but they lift very heavy weights.

If your goal if weight loss, you should include in your daily workout routine 30 minutes of cardio workout and at least 15 minutes of workout with light weights-dumbbells (up to 3 pounds in each hand). I wouldn't call this strength workout but more like a toning training, because you are not really building strength with light weights, but you are toning and shaping your arms, legs and waist.

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