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Triceps Fat

We know how much fat can sometimes appear ugly on our body. When we enter a certain age, our body starts to change and one of the problems we face in old age is the accumulation of fat on triceps area. This problem can be hard to eliminate. Women mostly suffer from this problem, but it does not seem to skip the men, either. When younger, we can lose fat very easy and fast, but as we grow old, this becomes much harder and longer. Still, don't think that it is impossible. It is possible to eliminate or reduce the fat located on triceps, but you will have to perform several exercises and workouts, which will help with this problem. Women do not need to be afraid they will become bulky because of these exercises. They will only activate and work on muscles which were neglected in the past.


We will give you several exercises considered to be routine. Perform them every week in the schedule you think it is appropriate. One entertaining exercise you can do is jumping the rope. If you do this exercise, you will work on your triceps and improve cardio. Begin with sessions lasting from ten to fifteen minutes. Next exercise is the triceps dips. To do this exercise, sit in front of a bench so your back is facing the bench. Place your palms on the bench and start to push up and down. This is very simple and effective exercise for triceps. Start with fifteen repetitions.

You can also do kickbacks. Just take barbell and lift it over your head with both hands, and then return the barbell in the starting position. We advise fifteen repetitions in the beginning, but you should increase repetitions after some time. Triceps pushups are another exercise that you can perform. Lie on the ball with the stomach on the center of the ball, put hands and feet in the air and try to balance on the ball. Because of this, triceps will be much involved when you do pushups. In the beginning, do twenty repetitions, but increase their number by ten on every next workout.

These are some of the possible exercises, but there are hundreds more. Feel free to include any triceps exercise that you find useful. Do not forget cardio, since it is extremely important. Some find cardio exercises tiresome, but you can do so much more than just run in the gym, because swimming, biking, rollerblading, and jogging can improve cardio as well. Remember to be persistent and the results will come. It is important not to stop eating healthy and exercising because you have lost number of pounds that you had in mind. If you do this, they will eventually return. Try to incorporate them in your life and your body will greatly benefit from it.

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