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Exercising should be an important part in people's lives, but unfortunately, it is mostly not present in many daily routines. Even though living in the modern world does not leave too much time, physical activity has to be present not just for getting into shape, but because being in shape prevents many medical problems (heart issues, diabetes, even depression etc.).
Workout can be done everywhere (in a gym, at home), there are even some exercises that can be performed at work, in the office, during the break, or even while sitting at the desk. So, basically, there is no good excuse for people not to exercise. The problem is that many people generally want to see and feel the results immediately which is simply not possible. When exercising, some time has to pass in order for the results to show.
Workouts should be divided into cardio and muscle mass training. Cardio is all about losing the extra fat, with toning lean muscles without focusing the strength and bulk up effect. Some medical experts would say that this might be a bit healthier workout than only increasing muscle mass. This is because muscle mass also posses certain weight, it is even heavier than fat tissue, which means that the overall weight will not drop drastically with only stimulating muscle mass growth with resistance training.
When it comes to equipment, it is not actually necessary. Calinesthetics is the name for a group of exercises that does not require any additional tools for an effective training session. Some basic exercises that should be included in cardio workouts without equipment would be running (jogging), swimming, yoga, Pilates, aerobics etc. The point of these cardio exercises is that oxygen flow is not interrupted while muscle is contracting and that postpones the tiredness of the muscle. In most of the cases, the strength needed to perform these forms is set at a low level, so they can be executed for a long time, which emphasizes the fat burning process even more. There are also exercises such as push ups, sit ups, crunches etc., that might be considered as cardio exercises, especially if many repetitions can be made in one set. There are also forms done with a medicine ball, which can additionally help with toning the muscles and relieving the body from excessive fat tissue.
Not only exercising, dieting is also important when it comes to creating a perfect body. A good combination of intensive training and a proper diet is essential for creating the best possible results in a very short time.

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