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Abdominal area is one of the hardest for perfecting. This is because there is usually a lot of extra fat present and the stomach is generally larger due to diameter of intestines. So, it might be said that only with controlled eating and smart exercising a six pack can be obtained. But, how can one get a six pack quickly?

Abdominal muscles

There is no easy way for creating a perfect six pack in relatively short time. The longevity of that period depends on the physical condition of abs and the amount of extra fat tissue. For creating strong abdominal muscles, all sort of different exercises should be performed those for strength and cardio workout. The most important thing is to put abdominal muscles in front of new challenges, to change the form, duration and intensity of the exercises. This is essential because that is the only way to build up each and every muscle fiber in the abdominal region.

Cardio training session could include running, swimming, simple forms like jumps with raising knees as high as possible, aerobics etc. Even though cardio might seem easy, it is not actually, and it might need more determination than muscle building. Cardio can be performed for a longer period, but the body is constantly under physical tension and that might not be the case with muscle building. Some experts say that cardio exercising might be more important than muscle mass building. Cardio will create the base, which really might be most difficult part. After that, muscle mass building might be a lot easier to achieve.

Additional weight

One exercise can be considered both as cardio and strength building, depending on the presence of additional weight. For example, an average person can perform from ten to a hundred simple sit ups. This should be considered as a cardio workout, but when additional weight is added, then the number of repetitions is decreased, but the muscle mass is increasing.

Crunches can be very effective when it comes to abdominal muscles. This includes elements of sit ups and leg raising. The entire abdominal area is affected with this form. Some experts also say that using pilates ball for abdominal muscles could be more effective, because more strength is needed for keeping the balance. But also, other expert's say that keeping that balance is not something that will increase the muscle mass, at least not significantly. For creating six packs quickly, the hardest possible abdominal exercises must be performed, which includes using additional weight. Also, a diet is needed for reducing the extra fat tissue.

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