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There are some things people are not aware of when it comes to exercising. But truth has to be revealed, especially the one considering the body fat. Can you reduce body fat by training that area? Which is more effective, focusing exercises or cardio workout?


This is the basic exercising method and everyone will say it is the best option for obese people. And to some point, this is true. For example, slow jogging is an excellent fat burner and body shaping tool too. As long as there is enough space for enough joggers. This is why almost all gyms include treadmills and elliptical trainers in their inventory of exercising machines. Cardio uses only low level of strength and that is the main reason why cardio workout can be done for a long time.

This is the key to increased fat burning with cardio – many muscles working at the same time for a long time. And this includes the specific areas rich with excessive fat tissue. Latest cardio workouts are performed on an elliptical trainer. This is because this machine might be a bit more demanding for exercising since it requires a different set of motions than jogging. Also, since feet are always on the pedals, there is no risk of ankles or knees injuries. Elliptical trainer also offers more involvement of the arms and this is good for weight loss.


Building muscles or increasing the muscle mass is done with the help of lifting weight. That weight might be only the weight of the body, but also it can be additional weight, in the form of dumbbells and barbell. Also, focusing exercise might be helpful for both muscle strengthening and weight loss too. Let’s take abdominal area for example. The most effective basic exercise is crunch. But, even though crunches may be done with the body’s weight only, there are people who put some additional weight on the stomach and perform this exercise. This is not recommended for beginners, but later on, it can be a very effective toning exercise. But will it reduce the fat in this area? Well, probably not as much as cardio workout would. Fat will be melted away, that is certain, but the amount might not be satisfying.

Some experts say that combining several workouts, including cross and interval training methods might be the best way to lose extra fat in a relatively short time. This is because changing the tempo of exercising, exercises and the level of used weight will require additional energy, which equals less fat tissue.

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