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It is a fact of life that women have been designed differently to men. Their bodies have been designed to carry more fat than their male counterparts thus making it more of a challenge to lose stomach fat. Over the years it has become more and more popular to have a flat stomach and not only that, now most want to achieve a toned and sometimes even a six packed stomach. To get the most out of your workout regime you must ensure you are doing the right exercises and performing them in the accurate way. You need to combine a healthy diet with a mixture of cardiovascular exercises as well as your abdominal workout regime.

Six Pack Abdominal Exercises for Women

First things first, throw away the diet pills you were recommended on the internet. Now you can begin to learn how to get that six pack look the right way, the healthy way. It really is simple, you follow a healthy diet and you follow the right exercise methods. If you are not following the correct exercises or doing them incorrectly then you will probably working on the wrong muscle group entirely. To work on the abdominal area, you need to combine the workout regime with rest periods just like any other of your muscle groups.Traditional Crunches

The number one method and the most recognized method is the traditional crunches. It is by far the most efficient and easiest way to lose that fat around the belly. To do this type of exercise you will need to lie down on the floor, put your hands behind your head to give yourself a little more support and fold your legs at the knee joint. You will need to sit up slightly so you can touch your knees, it is important that you breathe out whilst coming up and breathe out when going back down to the laying position. To begin you can do twenty to twenty five repetitions in one to two sets. You must realize that by doing too many you will actually be counterproductive in your efforts so be careful.Reverse and Lateral Crunches

This exercise is similar to the traditional crunch but with a twist. This will help you to target a slightly different set of abdominal muscles. You need to lie down on the floor and lift up your legs to a ninety degree angle from the floor and stay still for a moment and then lower them. It is important that you breathe out whilst lifting the legs and breathe in whilst lowering them.

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