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How to increase your metabolism and get rid of belly fat

The problem with belly fat is that it just might be the most obvious sign of obesity, especially in men. Actually, the abdominal area has more affinity to absorb extra fat and store it as tissue, which might be needed later. Another thing here is that the intestines widen up because of overeating and that also increases the belly. So, how to increase your metabolism and get rid of belly fat?


Even though there are exercises and many various activities that do not exhaust the body too much and reduce the weight without much sweating, there is no real effect without a lot of effort put in the training session. This is especially important if a person wants to eliminate the fat tissue as fast as possible. For example, if weight lifting is done, people say that the last rep in a set, the rep that requires the most out of a practitioner is creating the most effect, it requires the most energy.

This theory can be applied to cardio workout, since another mile while jogging when the body is already very tired will be greatly beneficial. Of course, a person has to be careful, to drink water for preventing the dehydration.

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What exercises need to be done for reducing the belly fat? Crunches, of course, are at the top of the list. This is an exercise that affects the abdominal muscles directly and that will definitely reduce the belly fat. Beside crunches, there are sit ups and leg raising. Crunches are most effective because they affect almost the entire abdominal region (except for side abs – love handles). Crunches are performed with a person lying on the back. Legs can be stretched on the floor but also bent in knees. Arms might be set aside torso, or crossed over chest. Arms can be also positioned back with fingers crossed behind the neck (the hardest variation). From this position, the torso and legs are raised to each other as close as possible – and back. This exercise has many variations, the torso can lean towards left and right side alternately, the exercise can be performed fast or slow, the distance between the chest and torso can be changed etc. It is obvious that there are many variations and performing most of them will affect the entire abdomen.

It is important to perform exercises like jogging, aerobics and similar, since these exercises activate the entire body and that is a great thing when it comes to the metabolism of the body. Simply speaking, cardio should burn more calories than any other workout type.     

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