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When it comes to choosing a proper workout type, many peoplemake mistakes. This is particularly typical of men, who somehow alwayswant to implement a bit of muscle mass building into exercising. That is ok,but sometimes the focus should not be on that type of workout at all. When thereis a lot of excessive fat tissue present, muscle mass building will help, but a cardio workout would be more helpful.


Cardio is all about stamina, endurance, lean muscles and fitbody without one extra pound of excessive weight. Even though at start cardioexercises might seem light to a beginner, the truth is far from it. For example,with weight lifting, a person starts with a certain weight, and that weightincreases from time to time. This also happens with cardio workout. Once atraining session is not that difficult, physical strain increases and moreintensive workout begins.

A hybrid

Therefore, to satisfy all needs and desires, somecombination of muscle mass building and cardio workout should be done. Forexample, beginning of the training session should be all cardio with a lot ofjogging and jumping. Then it can be switched to some form of pushups, which buildstrength without any additional weight. Session can end with lifting weight,with shoulder dumbbell press and bicep curls. As for the weight it should beoptimum, just enough for at least ten reps in a set. Of course, after a while,this weight can be increased.

Another muscle group that should be implemented in men workout is a group of abdominal muscles. No matter what the basic type of workout is, absshould always be worked out. Abdominal muscles are almost always under tension,even while warming up. Crunches are very effective exercise when it comes toabs, and they can be performed in two basic ways. One is classic sit up/legraise combination, while the other includes being in a crunch position for someperiod of time, with abs constantly in contraction. Combining these two formsshould create a perfect six pack.

There are so many different good workout routinesfor men, so there must be one that a man would like and feel up to it. Basically,workout must include exercises that a person likes to do. If that does nothappen, boredom will surely come and the exercising will stop. It is a bit hardto create a program that would satisfy both mental and physical aspect of aperson, but it can be done.

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