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Exercising presents a way to deal with excessive weight and also a great method for improving the health status of the body. But it has to be emphasized that there are some differences between workouts for men and women. This is because men and women have different goals that they want to achieve with exercising. Most of the men want fit body but also with very strong and bulked up muscles. Big muscles are not so important for women; they are more into slim body with lean muscles.

Cardio workout

When it comes to losing weight and creating a well developed but fit and lean body, cardio exercising is the best possible option. This is because cardio can be done for a long time because of the presence of oxygen in the organism. While muscle building, it is essential to lift weight fast and there is not enough time for oxygen to get involved in muscle contraction process. As for cardio, enough oxygen prevents lactic acid from accumulation and that postpones tiredness of the muscles.


There are many workout examples for women available out there. But it is no secret that women generally like to try those workout schedules that became popular because some celebrities used them. For example, Jennifer Lopez uses schedule with three training sessions a week plus one walking session. Training sessions include different exercises, treadmill, jogging, exercises with stability ball, plank, lunges, leg curls, crunches; even light weight lifting with dumbbells, bicep curls etc. It is obvious that this specific cardio workout is very diverse, which is great for working out the entire body and eliminating the fat tissue from all specific areas. This is important because there are certain areas that might be problematic for fat reduction and toning, and those are abdominal area, thighs, back area etc. But with specific cardio workout, all of these regions will become shaped and fit.

Additional help

Since losing weight really is a struggle, any method is justified. Therefore, there are supplements that can help in this process. For those who exercise intensively, fat burners are a great help, but there are also more natural products, such as several tea brands, that are excellent not only for weight loss, but also for elimination of toxins and free radicals from the body. And of course, dieting will always help. All that is needed is a healthy menu, with as many healthy meals as possible for keeping the basal metabolism always active.

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