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Weight reduction is the only thing to do when it comes to elimination of certain medical conditions, and of course, those are conditions caused by obesity (increased blood pressure, raised levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, decreased energy levels, low libido etc). Obesity is not an esthetic problem, it is a serious medical problem that might cause further medical complications and therefore, it has to be eliminated.

The problem

But as usual, people do right things for wrong reasons and in the end, it does not matter why the weight is lost as long as it goes down. For most of the people, esthetic issue is the most important here and that is why they exercise and go on diets. But something has to be understood - losing weight is one thing, but acquiring an attractive body might need more effort. This is especially emphasized when it comes to certain areas, such as the abdominal region, for instance. Abdominal area might be the most problematic one when it comes to making it fat free and strengthened. This is because human organism has a tendency to store the fat in this area more than in other places. Fat is stored for the period when there will be less intake of food, which is actually a defensive mechanism of the body.


It is obvious that certain physical activity has to be included in the weight reduction process for shaping the abdominal area. For example, best way to lose love handles would be a combination of cardio workout and side crunches. Intensive cardio workout might be the best options for overall reduction of fat tissue, while side crunches will target love handles specifically. Side crunches require a lying position from the practitioner, but the body is leaning to one side, or the body is completely on the side of torso. Usually, legs are stretched but they can also be bent in knees. From this point, the torso goes up as much as possible. Also, a practitioner should try to perform this exercise with using side abs only (love handles). The exercise can be easier with changing the leg position, but that will not create the best possible effect.

As for cardio workout, for love handles, aerobic forms that use torso rotating and moving might be the best thing to do. There are also classics, such as jogging and swimming, which have the weight reduction impact on the entire body. As for dieting, a healthy and balanced eating should be applied, while fast diets might be more effective in the beginning, but are not so good and healthy in the long run.

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