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Resistance training is all about increasing the muscle masswith the help of additional weight. In this type of workout, muscles need toput out some additional effort in order to subdue the additional weight becausethat is the only way to complete the motion in the exercise. Since this type ofworkout needs a lot of energy but it also has to be done explosivelyfast, the number of reps that can be performed goes from 6 to 12, depending onthe weight used. If more reps is done, this means that more weight should beadded, while performing less than 6 tells us that the weight might be a bit toomuch.


What are the most popular weight lifting workouts? Well,many will say that it has to include dumbbells and barbell. There arealternatives, but this is the basic and it should be done as much as theprogram allows. Creating resistance will induce the increase of the number ofmuscle cells and fibers and it will also increase the space betweenthe muscle cells, which is the major factor for inducing a bulked up effect. Agood plan should include training at least 5 times in a week. One day should beleft for some cross training, while one day will be left for a complete rest.During the week, there should be at least 24 hours between the trainingsessions, because that is how much time is required for a complete musclerecovery. This period can be shortened with the help of supplements, but it isnot recommended.


The first day should be all about the chest area, meaningall sorts of bench presses performed with dumbbells and barbell. Repetitionscan be set at 6 to 12, although most of practitioners do 10 reps in each set.There is also a pyramid form, with increasing weight with each set, but thenreducing the weight once the maximum is reached. The second day can be aboutarms and legs (bicep curls, triceps dips, squats etc.). The third day can befor the back and abs, although at least a couple of sets of abdominal exercisesshould be done each day. The fourth day is for the chest area again, while thelast day can be left for some area that needs additional focus.

Cross training can be some cardio exercises, jogging,swimming, elliptical trainer. This day is important because it will activatethe muscles in a completely different way and that is actually great forkeeping the active metabolism (fat burning) process active.

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