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There are many ways in which physical activities can be divided. One of those is based on the resistance that the muscles have to subdue while performing an exercise. Of course, this happens when using some weight. The point is that weight does not have to be in the form of additional weight such as barbell and dumbbells. Weight can be body’s weight only and exercises can be very effective like this. Exercises like push-ups, crunches, pull ups, triceps dips and other similar forms can create impressive results.


It can be said that resistance training includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. When used weight is set at a low level, this is aerobic workout (cardio), but when that weight is big, the workout shifts into muscle mass building. With low weight, resistance is also low so exercising can be done for a long time with a big number of reps in a set. With extreme weights, the number of reps goes from 6 to 12 in a set, and even 1 or 2 with maximum weight. As the resistance goes higher, the duration of exercising reduces and more resting is needed.


For a perfect training schedule, all types of workout must be included. This means that cardio and muscle mass building should be combined. Actually, most of the training sessions begin with warm up period, which is a pure cardio workout. For example, spot jogging is one of the most common exercises used for this. Simple spot jogging can be done, but it can also be some advanced variations. A practitioner can include jumping jacks, or simple jumping with raising the knees as much as possible. This is a great exercise for the entire body with core getting affected also.

A combination that is used in the training session should depend on the needs of the practitioner. If there is more excessive weight, the session should be focused more on cardio workout. As excessive fat tissue is melting away, the training session should slowly shift from cardio to muscle toning. If a practitioner is not sure what to do and when, it is always smart to ask for help from an expert. Each gym should have their instructors who will help with advice regarding a training program. Also, a nutritionist should be consulted because basically, if there is a serious training program, it has to be followed by a good and healthy diet. Fast diets should be avoided and normal eating should be present instead, but without any junk food.

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