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Performing exercisesis one of the most important things when it comes to preserving healthy stateof the organism. This is just a simple explanation of what is really going onin our bodies while exercising. Physical activity has so many benefits that itreally should be performed as much as possible as often as possible.


There are two basicforms of the workout, a type that leans toward lean muscles and endurance,while the other type focuses on creating a bulk up effect when it comes tomuscles. Cardio exercises are usually done without the use of additionalweight, while building up muscles is simply not possible without the help ofpopular barbell and dumbbells.


There are dozens anddozens of variations of one exercise. Using dumbbells changes things a lot. Forexample, performing squats is one thing, but performing squats with dumbbellsis a completely different thing. Weight changes the situation. Amount of weightwill directly decide if the exercise will lean towards cardio workout or towards muscle building. As for the form itself, there are several methods to performsquats with dumbbells. Actually, variations are based on the position of thehands. Arms can be beside torso, just holding dumbbells. Also, hands can bepositioned in the front of torso, maximally stretched. Another variationincludes punching out while going up - one hand punch for one squat or fast two(left and right) punches. Hands can also be lifted above the head or aside fromtorso, creating a line with shoulders. Actually, the most effective exercisewould include cycling through all of these variations in one set. But, for thisto happen, set needs to include many reps and weight of dumbbells should not behigh, for exercise should last long enough for all combinations to take place.

Squats withoutdumbbells should belong to a group ofcardio exercises, but since it depends on the weight of the practitioner, it ismore between the two basic workout types. Some resistance is created whileexercising, and that will induce some muscle growth. Whatever is chosen, it isessential for people to have a good knowledge about what is going on with theirbodies in any given moment. For example, cardio workouts should induce moreweight reduction and fat burning than muscle building, which is more focused onthe bulking up effect. Also, when performing squats, it should be doneproperly, in order to avoid certain medical problems.

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