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What are the principles of effective weight gain? What hasto be done in each weight loss process so that the results will come?

Resistance training

This is a must if muscle mass is needed. Resistance trainingis based on lifting additional weight so muscles have to overcome theresistance in order to perform the motion in the performed exercise. Sometimes,this weight does not have to be in the form of weights, even the weight of the bodymight be enough, which is used in push-ups and pull ups, sit-ups and crunchestoo. Later on, when the weight of the body is not enough anymore, additionalweight should be used in the form of dumbbells, barbell, various gym machinesetc.


Latest theories say that in order to increase the muscle mass,exercising should be done as fast as possible. This means that there should beno pause between exercises and even between the sets in one exercise. With thisschedule, muscles will always be under constant tension, which is good forstimulating the increase of interstitial space between muscle cells and forstimulating the increase in number of muscle cells and muscle fibers. Also,some experts say that depletion of theinitial energy source used in exercising is done over the period of 30 minutes,so that is the time most of the training session should be done.

Also, the frequency of training session should be proper. A lot of rest between training sessions is neededbecause muscles have to be completely ready for the next session. People makemistakes here and the most common one is over-training. This can only lead to exhaustion, which is far from healthy, of course. Many do not know that the biggest effectgained from weight lifting and muscle building comes couple of days, a week,even more, after the muscle was used.

The final rep

This is something most of practitioners should know. Inmuscle building, when performing the final set and final rep, it has to lead toexhaustion of the targeted muscle, or muscles. This is what creates the biggesteffect and which will induce the highest increase in muscle mass. How to knowif maximum effort has been applied? Well, if the bar cannot be lifted, not for aninch, this is a good thing. If not, this means that lifted weight has to beincreased, that the body has become stronger and that it deals with lifted weighteasier than before.

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