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Exercising process is something that will make the body strongerand with less fat tissue. This can be done in several ways and there are also severaldifferent workout types, which will induce development of muscles towards bulk upeffect or towards lean shape. For those who are interested in reducing the fattissue only, cardio workout should be applied for as long as excessive poundsare present. Weight lifting through resistance training will create a bulked upeffect, characteristic of bodybuilders.

Training session

When a workout type has been chosen, a schedule should bemade, the one that is adjusted to the physical condition of a practitioner. Most ofmen are attracted to muscle mass building. This happens with using resistancetraining – lifting weights. This will induce increase of the number of musclecells and fibers, but there is also another important element – increase of theinterstitial space in the muscle tissue.

Building muscle mass is not easy, some rules have to beobeyed and a lot of effort is needed. Lifted weight comes in the form ofdumbbells, barbell, weight machines etc. Sometimes, even weight of the body maybe used (push-ups, pulls-ups, triceps dips etc.). Exercises that include liftingweight should be done in at least three sets of 6 to 12 reps, depending on theabilities of a practitioner. Of course, the final set has to include the maximumweight possible. In time, this weight will have to be increased because this is neededfor breaking through training plateaus. Also, to avoid this, there are somethings that should be done.

Tips regarding plateaus

Muscles should be rested well; this is one of the ways for overcomingthe training plateau. Over-training happens often, and in those moments, nomatter how much exercising is done, no advancement will happen. Sometimes, thepause should last for days, perhaps even week or two. This time the body will use to recover completely and also to use previous effort done to increase themuscle mass. Also, some experts say that prolonging the pause between twotraining sessions will also help in this matter.

Cross training should be done too. Using some cardioexercises will help a lot with training muscles in a different yet effectiveway, so this could also be some sort of resting. But since some exercising isalso done, muscles will develop when it comes to stamina, endurance andstrength, of course.

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