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Increasing muscle mass is something almost all men desire toachieve when entering a gym. Increase in muscle mass can be achieved only withusing resistance training. This means that in order to perform the exercises,muscles will have to subdue the resistance. In order to create that resistance,additional weight has to be used. And not only that, additional weight has tobe increased from time to time. Whatever exercise is used, whatever workouttype applied, intensity of training has to be increased and this also goes foradditional weight. Body simply becomes used to the exercise and therefore, it isnot a physical problem anymore. In other words, the needed resistance is reduced.Of course, adding more weight has to be gradual, and certain number of reps must bedone with each set. Usually, for increasing muscle mass, there has to be from 6to 12 reps.

Muscle groups

There are several muscle groups that should be developedwith resistance training. Those are abs, pecs, arms, upper and lower legs. Whenit comes to muscle mass growth, it might be smart to perform some exercisesthat would affect several muscle groups. That is simply more practical and lesstime is needed. Still, if needed, there are standard forms that usually focusone or two muscle groups that might be applied. For example, bicepsis usually one of the first muscles that people develop. Perhaps this isbecause it is naturally a big muscle, and effects of training are visible after very short time.


This is the widest muscle of the upper arm and it presentsone of the muscles that are generally developed by almost all people who enterthe gym. As for some exercises that should be done for biceps, there is bicepscurl as the most standard one. It can be done with both barbell and dumbbells,usually in a standing position. Bar is held low with arms stretched and then thecurl begins. It is essential not to jerk the body backwards while performing thisexercise because it will make exercising easier and that is not the point.Elbows must always be in the same position so that the entire weight is raisedwith the help of biceps only.


It is also important to eat properly. Healthy eating must include5 meals with enough of carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. If needed,some supplements can be used, such as muscle mass gainers, energy boosters,muscle recovery products etc. So, how to get big biceps? Only by combining some seriousworkout, balanced eating, and if the budget allows, some effective supplements.

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