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Muscle mass is something desired by many people, especially men. But even though many people would like to have big muscles and be strong, they are not thrilled with how bodybuilders look. But, being strong and having a bulked up body are not same things. There are also lean muscles, still strong and still with increased muscle mass.

Fat and muscle tissue

The point with fat and muscle tissue is that muscle weighs more than the same amount of fat tissue. This means that with intensive training weight might not come down easily, because muscle mass is increasing constantly. This is why a balance has to be created, healthy eating must be included, but total amount of calories has to be set so that fat tissue is lost, if needed. If not, all that is required when it comes to eating is enough calories and enough nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats), with proper amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Increasing your muscle mass can be done with the help of resistance training, or so-called weight lifting. Added weight must be high enough so that the increase of muscle cells and fibers is activated. This is done with certain weight, which must not be too low, because that will only strengthen the muscles, but there will be no bulk up effect.Exercises

There are several exercises that are commonly done when it comes to muscle mass increase. One of those is bench press. This is a great exercise that activates a lot of muscles, especially those of the upper torso, arms and shoulders. It is usually done with a barbell, although dumbbells can be used too. If a lot of weight is lifted, it is smart to have an assistant, to prevent any kind of injury. Another interesting exercise is a bicep curl, which also can be done with barbell and dumbbells. This exercise has to be done properly because a practitioner stands up and can jerk the body while lifting weights to make it easier. This will allow him or her to perform more reps but the effect on the biceps will be reduced. This is not a problem which might happen while performing bench press, because a practitioner is lying on the bench.

Another must do exercise is a squat. Squat can be done without weight with many reps and then it is a cardio workout, but when barbell is placed on the shoulders behind the neck, the resistance training starts.

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