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Exercising requires a good plan, which just might be themost important thing to prepare before even entering a gym or starting a homeworkout. So, what would be some basic strength training routines? Are there anydifferences?

Actually, many people have a different opinion on whatstrength actually is. This is because they do not have enough valid information, which is a wrong approach. Each type of the workout develops the strength inits own way. For example, running and weight lifting will both increase thestrength, but in a slightly different way.

Muscle mass building

Muscle mass building, resistance training, weight lifting,these are all phrases used to describe workout type that has increased musclestrength as a result. Lean muscles and bulked up muscles are the result ofstrength training; the only difference between those two is in the weight used.Bulked up effect will require as much additional weight as the organism can lift(usually 6 to 12 reps in a set). Lean muscles can usually be made with the helpof the light dumbbells or body's weight only.


If we are talking about the muscle mass building, then someregular training schedule must include at least 5 training days with one dayfor resting and one day for cardio workout. Why is cardio implemented in musclemass building? Because it will actually rest the muscles, making them work in adifferent way, and cardio is always great for fat tissue elimination. Each dayshould be focusing at least two muscle groups - for example, a day for performing allsorts of bench presses with using both barbell and dumbbells. This can be evensplashed with push-ups for additional effect.

For muscle mass building, some experts claim that during atraining session, there should not be any pause between the sets and different exercises.This is because keeping the muscles in a constant tension should be more effectivewhen it comes to increasing the muscle mass. Each strength training routine must be combined with ahealthy, controlled eating. It would be pointless to waste all that effort in agym with some junk food or with alcohol. This is actually why creating aperfect body is difficult, there are not only weights to think of, but there are badhabits that should be eliminated and not only for a while but for the entirelife. That is the only way to keep the organism healthy.

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