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Weight loss is important for all those people who suffer from obesity. Obesity has several levels and even though there is a great difference between extreme obesity and the initial one, extra pounds will always create a problem, especially when it is known that few extra pounds can easily turn into many.

Reducing weight methods

Everybody knows that two basic ways for weight reduction are dieting and increased physical activity. Exercising should be present more because it is more natural than dieting. Using more energy than taken with food will induce fat burning process and that will eliminate the extra weight. Cardio workout is essential when it comes to fat burning. This is because cardio exercises emphasize low-level strength output and that enables a practitioner to perform certain exercises for a long time. The longer the exercising last, the higher the number of the calories lost in the end. Also, because muscle contraction is performed slowly with this workout, there is enough time for oxygen to enter the muscle cells and help with contraction. This help is what causes cardio workout to be included in aerobic physical activity. There is also another workout method, so-called resistance training, which is all about increasing the muscle mass.

Resistance and muscle mass

Resistance training for weight loss is also viable, but it has to be mentioned that it burns less calories than cardio workout. But for all those who do not only want to lose fat but also to increase muscle mass, at least slightly, the elements of resistance training have to be included in a training session. Resistance is based on using additional weight for making the exercise difficult for muscles. This means that using dumbbells that weigh only a couple of pounds is a cardio workout, while much more pounds in dumbbells will create anaerobic, resistance training. For creating a nicely shaped and strong body, the elements of both cardio and muscle mass building have to be combined. For a beginner, proper execution of push-ups should be enough for adding some mass to arms, while later on, free weights can be added. This additional weight can be used in a form of dumbbells and barbell.

Also, dieting is very important. Reducing the level of carbs will reduce excessive fat. Caution is needed here because carbs are a great source of energy used in a training session. Fats should also be reduced, while proteins can be increased to a certain level.

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