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Exercising includes two things and one is elimination of fattissue, while the other is the increase of muscle mass. These things can be achievedwith the help of several different workout types. All of these types affectboth things, but on a different level and with a bit different outcome.


Cardio is great for burning excessive fat tissue and forinducing the creation of lean muscles. Cardio affects the entire body, manymuscle groups are engaged in the process of workout, and since not much strengthis needed for performing it, this form of exercising can be done for a longtime. This is excellent for a fat burning process, especially when it is knownthat at least 30 minutes of moderate exercising is needed for the fat burning processto start.

Muscle mass building

Increasing muscle mass is what most people want whenthey enter thy gym for the first time or when they decide on buying weights for home workout. Muscle mass growth is induced by resistance training. Whilein cardio there is nothing to subdue for performing a movement (other than body'sweight), for some serious muscle mass growth, additional weight must beapplied in the form of dumbbells and barbells.

A plan

A very important thing here is to create the most effectiveworkout plan. This weight lifting exercise chart will help in establishing the conditionof the practitioner and in pointing him or her what to do next. This plan has toinclude several things. Whatever is done, weight must be increased from time totime. Without it, the body will reach the maximum with used weight and no moremuscle mass will be produced (body feels there is no need to create more musclecells and fibers, since current weight is easily subdued). Even if the number ofrepetitions needs to be decreased, the lifted weight must be increased. A good planshould have at least 5 workout days in a week. One day can be left for acomplete cardio workout in order to activate the muscles differently, andanother day for nothing but resting. At some point, things like cardio and restmight seem illogical but those are actually very important elements of each weightlifting plan. Cross training is excellent for toning all existing musclefibers, while resting is needed because it will prepare the body for the nextworkout challenge. Also, supplements should be used for muscle mass gaining,fat burning and muscle recovery.

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