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What are the facts concerning female bodybuilding workouts? Should women even try to compete with men in this activity? It is obvious that because of a different anatomy and physiology, women should not hope that they can achieve the same level of bulkiness as men can. This is mostly thanks to the difference in hormonal levels. The hormone mostly responsible for muscle mass growth is testosterone, which is secreted in men much more than in women. Women have much higher levels of estrogen, which tends to increase fat tissue, and that is another drawback when it comes to exercising.


Even though there are problems and obstacles, women can develop a nicely bulked body with impressive muscles. It might not be the same level as in men, but there will be some leanness left, which will create a really attractive body. As for the workout, it is more or less the same as for men, but of course, with a difference in weight. Also, pectoral area might utilize some different exercises, but all in all, it is the same thing.


Even though bodybuilding is all about muscle mass, a cardio workout should be performed at least for a good warm up. Also, stretching is very important and it really should be done properly. Cardio part can last up to a half an hour and then weight should be used.

Day one – first day of press forms. Incline press should be used (with barbell or dumbbells), followed with flat barbell on a bench, and then dips and skull crushers should be done. Day two – this might be a good day for leg workout. Deadlifts, extensions, curls, lunges, squats, these all should be applied with the number of reps set between 8 and 12. Day three – crunches should be done on this day, in all possible variations and combinations. Day four – arms only, biceps and triceps curls, with a bit of lat pulldowns for changing the routine. Day five – back to bench press again, with both barbell and dumbbells. Day six – nothing but cardio in order to activate the muscles in a different way and to change the routine some more. Day seven – Sunday, nothing but rest, finally!

This is just an example of how to equally and gradually increase the muscle mass in all muscle groups. Of course, it can be something different, and whatever plan is created, a practitioner should stick to it until the results come.

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