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When a person decides to start exercising, there are several things that should be decided. First of all, a person must choose whether to workout at home or in a gym. Both solutions have advantages, but for those people who are interested in drastic increase in muscle mass, the gym might be a more viable option simply because of many workout stations and devices that help with the bulking up effect. Workout at home might induce the same thing, but it might take longer and some additional weight will have to be used at some point, which can present a problem, especially if there is not sufficient space at home.


Cardio and resistance might be two basic workout types, or it could be said, aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic workouts use oxygen to make exercising last longer. Aerobic does not require much strength and it generally creates lean muscles. Resistance training induces bulking up effect with the help of additional weight. Weight lifting should be done in order to stimulate muscle growth and weight has to be increased from time to time. This must be done each time a practitioner feels no resistance when lifting barbell or dumbbells. Actually, that is the only way of keeping the muscle growth constant.


There are several basic exercises that should be done, no matter what the type of workout is chosen. For example, push ups can be considered as cardio if the body is propped at knees instead of feet, which tremendously makes a push up easier. Also, sit ups can be done with a slightly raised torso, which can be repeated many times, but if torso is lifted all the way up, it is a lot harder and cannot be done for long. There are also squats, which can be done with or without the help of additional weight. If weight is used, it is usually barbell, which is positioned on the shoulders. There are several forms of this exercise and the most common one includes keeping the barbell on the shoulders all the time. When the squat is performed, the back has to be straight all the time, and lowering hips is done until they are below the knee level. There is also a variation that includes raising the barbell above the head once torso is in upper position. Squats are generally a great exercise, because you need to use several muscle groups and a great bulk up effect can be achieved with the help of weights.

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