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There are so many options when it comes to exercising that everyone can find a couple of favorite exercises to perform as often as possible. But of course, the way we live today simply discourages people from spending some of that precious free time on sweating and physical exertion. Nevertheless, there are so many positive effects that physical activity creates, that it really should not be neglected.


When a time comes to choose a physical activity, there are really a lot of different workout types. Basic two would be cardio and resistance training, but it is obvious that out of those two, there are dozens and dozens variations and combinations. This means that a person can easily create a training plan that suits his or hers needs and desires.

Cardio workout is all about losing excessive fat tissue and making a lean and fit body. It is great to be performed without any additions, but some like to combine it with weight lifting. Cardio, in that case, can be used as a regular part of the training session, or only as a warm up part. Even though cardio might not seem so intensive, those that have gone much beyond the beginner's level can apply very hard and intensive cardio sessions.

Muscle mass uses additional weight and that is essential to keep the muscle growth process constant. From time to time, a practitioner will sense that the weight lifted is not such a problem anymore and that is a moment when more weight must be added. Resistance level must always be kept at a high level, since this makes a practitioner able to perform not more than 12 reps in a set, with the last one done with the maximum effort. Dumbbells, barbell, workout stations, body's weight, are some of the things that should be done by those who desire big and strong muscles.

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There are also workout types that might not be so common and popular, but are also very effective. For example, there are isometric exercises with resistance bands and these forms are very interesting because there is no change in the length of the muscles or tendons. Resistance bands are great for exercising, but also for strengthening the muscles after the injury (the muscle is not “moving” but it is still working). One of the more interesting and effective exercises done with a resistance band is a squat. Practitioner steps on the band with feet while holding the ends of the band in hands. Squats are then performed with keeping the hands at the shoulder level all the time.

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