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When it comes to choosing a right training program, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. For example, there is current physical state of the organism. This will tell the practitioner what needs to be focused and whether it is fat burning, certain muscle group, overall muscle groups, endurance or something else. Also, it is very important to think about desires of the practitioner. A person must do what he or she likes, because exercising is something that needs to be done over a long period, and it might become boring if performing certain exercises is not desirable. Still, some things have to be done, regardless of the wishes and desires.


There are several types of workout that should be done. Cardio is excellent for fat burning because of the presence of the oxygen in the muscle contraction process (aerobic exercises). This workout creates lean muscles and reduces fat tissue. Another workout type that is widely used and popular is resistance training. This is a type of workout that uses additional weight in order to create resistance for muscle contraction to be performed. This resistance can be very small, with some light dumbbells, but it can also be very hard and intensive, with using high amount of additional weight.


There are also several types of resistance training program and they are based on the way the weight is lifted. So, there is Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding and regular, everyday use of increased weight for gaining some muscle mass. Whichever is chosen, a hard work and a lot of time are needed to reach a desired perfection. Also, the process behind the muscle growth is quite similar, which means that for reaching up the bulked up effect, it is essential to use additional weight but also to rest properly between the training sessions, because that is the time when muscles are actually growing. And when growth is mentioned, it is actually widening of the space between the muscular cells.

Lifted weight has to be raised from time to time. This is essential because at certain point, weight used will simply not be enough, which means that more is needed when a practitioner feels that the weight used so far is not a problem anymore. That is why the number of reps in a set is not so high, from 6 to 12. Weight has to be increased periodically, even if it means reducing the number of repetitions in a set.  

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