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When it comes to the gym, people somehow always picture big bulky men sweating over a barbell. But this picture has been changing for a while now and it can be freely said that there are as many women as there are men in gyms all over the world.


Even though most of women are not really interested in the bulking up effect, there are still many workouts types can be done to improve a woman's body shape. Focusing one muscle area should be done when it comes to abdominal muscles, for example. Focus is usually needed for those regions that do not lose fat tissue easily, or where fat is accumulated in high amounts.

Cardio workout is excellent for everyone, it can be used to warm up only, but it also can make up the entire training session. Cardio is generally applied for increased fat burning; this is thanks, to the prolonged training session, which happens because of the presence of oxygen in the muscle contraction process. For oxygen to be present, it is essential for muscle contractions to be slow with low strength level. If contractions are fast, there is no time for oxygen to get involved and this is something that happens in high weight resistance training.

A cardio workout can be performed by simply running on a treadmill or using an elliptical trainer. As for weights, dumbbells or free weights should be used. Recommended exercise is a bench press with different inclinations. Inclination should be set at flat level, then at 45 degrees and then back to flat level again or at 30 degrees.


If increased muscle mass is needed, weight will have to be increased from time to time, since that is the only way to keep the muscle mass growth steady. Using weight machines is recommended, but it has to be said that most of those exercises can be replaced with similar exercises that do not need any machine or even free weights. Sometimes, the crowd in a gym will not allow a practitioner the immediate access, so sometimes some similar exercise should be performed, because it might be better not to disrupt the training session with a long pause. Also, some experts claim that elliptical trainer is much better than a treadmill, because there is no pressure on the joints (feet are always on the panel).

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