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Exercising is important because of the positive effects it creates for the organism. Obviously, a body becomes shaped nicely and muscles become stronger. This is what is seen from the outside, but there are also benefits for the inner systems, such as the immune system, respiratory and digestive systems. There are also benefits for the basal metabolism, which creates more energy for the organism.

Workout types

There are several types of workout and the choice is usually made thanks to the current physical state of the practitioner. Most basic types would be aerobic and anaerobic training. The difference between those two is in the presence of oxygen, which defines whether the muscles will become tired easily or not. Modern age has brought us some new forms of the exercising, although the basic principles have remained the same. Some new and interesting forms would include pilates, fitball exercises, cardio/resistance routines, etc.

Fitball exercises – these are relatively new forms, but the positive effects for the body are more than obvious. One of the advantages of using this fitball is that even people who might have a problem with back or some other physical issue can perform some exercises. More or less, all standard exercises can be performed with this instrument. The size of the ball varies and being able to perform some of the exercises directly depends on whether the practitioner has the right size of the ball.

Fitball forms

Abdominal muscles can be developed by using the fitball. The most classic exercise, a sit- up, would require sitting on the ball with feet on the floor and torso kept in the air, with back core area on the ball. Sit-ups are more or less the same as when performed on the floor, but there is some additional strength needed for a body to be stable on the ball. Balance needs to be kept and that sometimes presents the hardest part of the exercise. Another abdominal exercise would include lying on the floor with calves on the ball, while legs are bent in knees.

Another interesting exercise is for developing muscles of the legs, including inner thighs. Actually, this requires leg raising with the ball held between the legs, in the calves area. Push-ups can also be performed with the help of this ball and there are also several exercises that develop muscles of the back (sometimes this is used in the physical therapy for those with back problems).

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