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When it comes to focusing certain muscle areas on the body,people somehow tend to avoid certain regions, simply because they might findthose exercises boring, or simply because they think building muscles or burningabdominal fat is more important. Actually, each exercise form is important inits own way and those people who take exercise seriously will have to go through all those regions sooner or later. One of those areas are legs.


When it comes to legs, people generally think of one or maybetwo muscles that might need workout and those are quads and calves. Honestly,those really are big muscles of upper and lower parts of the legs, but othermuscles should be developed too. Quads and calves can also be developed intolean and bulked up form, which means that both aerobic (cardio workout) andanaerobic (resistance workout) trainings can be performed to enhance the shapeof the legs. So, what would be some basic toning exercises for legs?


When it comes to quads, squat is the perfect exercise. Startingposition requires feet to be positioned at the shoulder width. Arms can becrossed on chest, or relaxed by the side. Some even combine punching out while squatting,which really raises the effectiveness of the exercise. Squatting should beginfrom the position in which legs are bent in knees but thighs are not lower thanthe level of knees. Back is straight and also slightly bent forward. To performthe squat, hips are lowered as much as possible while a practitioner tries tokeep the back always straight. An interesting thing is that this exercise can and ísusually done with the help of additional weight. A barbell is placed on theshoulders behind the neck with the appropriate weight. As for the amount of weight,that depends on the practitioner and the final goal. With more weight, thighswill definitely develop significantly. Another interesting form of the squat isa so-called jumping squat, which is more or less done in the same way but with a little twist. When going up, jump is performed (anotherform of this exercise is with the knees bent), which is excellent for building the core.

As for calves, propping the body on toes will definitely dothe trick. This is a very simple exercise but it should be done very slowlywith constant control of what is going on with that muscle area. There are alsostep up exercises, running, combined running with sprints, lunges etc.

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