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It is true that everyone wants to have a flat belly, but it can be said that females are more interested in this than males. Men like strength and big muscles, and even though they are not immune to having perfect six pack abs, it is a bit less important to them. So, what are exercises to lose belly fat for girls, some basic rules that should be followed?


It has to be said that exercising is more or less the same as for men. For reducing belly fat, cardio workout should be performed as much as possible. Even though it looks like there is no direct relation between jogging and belly fat, cardio workout actually affects many muscle groups. Overall fat reduction while performing cardio workout is the most effective. But there are exercises that target the abdominal muscles directly. Those are crunches, sit-ups and leg raising.

Crunches are very effective when it comes to abdominal muscles. A practitioner should be lying on the back on the floor with arms set aside. There are several variations, but the most basic one would include raising torso and legs at the same time. Actually, a practitioner should try to touch legs with chest, or at least to come as close to that as possible. Legs should be straight or bent in knees for a beginner, since it is easier that way. Arms are also important. The easiest variation is when they are set aside torso. They can also be crossed across the chest or with fingers crossed behind the neck. This last one is the toughest for performing, because it affects the entire torso.

Sit-ups can be presented as an element in crunches, which includes only torso raising while legs are on the ground. This is an excellent exercise for the upper torso, although lower abdomen is not so much affected.

Other options

An interesting exercise that can be performed is plank. This is an exercise that is not used that much in training process, but it can be very effective. Position for this exercise is similar to the position when doing push-ups. A practitioner is parallel to the floor with body propped on forearms and feet. All that is required is staying in this position for as long as possible. It might seem easy, but it is not, especially when a straight line created by spine and legs should be maintained the entire time. It has to be said that for overall muscle development of the body not only abs should be developed, but all muscle groups.

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