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Even though bodybuilders tend to develop each and every muscle on the body, there are still some that avoid back exercises. When the arms and torso are bulked up, with the ideally formed abs, and deltoid muscles so big that nothing else can be seen beside them, back tend to be left out from the extensive bodybuilding process, which is a mistake Back muscles are very important, because most of those are engaged in all body movements and the standing position. Those muscles carry entire organism and all other muscles, so they should not be forgotten.

Ball back exercises

This type is not something that a bodybuilder would normally do and it does not involve extra weight lifting, but since it is done with the help of the ball, it is an interesting form. This is because a lot of balancing and coordination is needed in order to stay on the ball, and also, muscles are under constant tension. This exercise is excellent for warming up and is also great for extension and stretching.

No extra weight

There are two more exercises that do not use additional weight but are great for the back muscles. One is called chin-ups, where all you need is chin up bar and your muscles. The point with this exercise is that you can do it in several different ways and that depends on the distance between hands when the chin up bar is grabbed. Also, when starting the exercise, body has to be relaxed, legs bent in knees, so that the entire weight of the body is raised. If possible in up position, it would be good to stay like that for a second or two and then go down.

Hyperextensions are also very interesting and you can even use a table, not some gym station. This is why this exercise can be performed at home too, if there is enough space. Legs should not be moving and they provide leverage, while torso is free to lean and go up. Also, it would be for the best if a few seconds pause is made when torso is at the top level.

Weight exercises

These types of exercises include several forms, such as pull through, flat down pullers, and so-called row exercises (T bar, Arm dumbbell, and bent barbell, etc.) Weight or no weight, back muscles are not that easily bulked up and they do take some time and patience in order to grow the way we would like the best.

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