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Exercising can be done with or without the use of additional weights. Even though a competitive bodybuilding cannot be reached without the use of additional weights, using body's weight only will still create strong and toned muscles. There are many toning exercises without weight, which can be used for this effect.
A plan
A good plan must include both cardio and resistance training because that is a perfect method for making a strong and fit body. Also, it would be great if exercising could be performed each day with maybe one day in a week left for resting. Constant presence of physical activity will keep the basal metabolism active, which requires more energy and helps in burning more calories. Since no additional weight is used, a gym is not needed, so this type of workout can be done at home.
Push-ups – this is an essential exercise for all those who do not want to use additional weight but still want to develop muscles in the arms. With push-ups not only arms, but the upper torso is also developed. Starting position for a push-up requires the body to be parallel to the floor, propped on the palms and toes. Spine and legs are in the same line, which is essential for proper performance of this exercise. Arms are straight, with palms on the floor at the shoulder width. With bending the arms in elbows, body is lowered towards the floor and with straightening the body goes back up. This specific exercise can be performed in many variations, with changing the distance between the palms or the level of legs, but there are also clap push-ups (the same thing, only with hands clap when torso is up), one-hand push-ups, inverse stand push-up, push-up which uses only tips of fingers instead of entire palm etc.Abdominal exercises – sit-ups, crunches, leg raising. Very important exercise when it comes to building the core (the abdomen and corresponding back area). Sit-ups require a lying position from the practitioner with the back on the floor and legs can be straight or bent in knees. Hands are put near the torso or they can be crossed on the chest or positioned behind the head. All that is needed is lifting the torso toward the legs. This should be done without bending the head towards chest and also with using the abs only, while legs should be relaxed as much as possible. Crunches are performed from the same starting position, but this time, legs are pulled towards the chest too. Leg raising includes lifting only legs. These are basic forms, but there are advanced variants such as hanging leg raising, inverse table sit-ups etc.
When it comes to the leg area, two basic areas that should be developed here are thighs (quads) and calves. So, there are squats for quads and a simple propping of the body on the toes, which emphasizes calves. Besides these focusing exercises, there is a cardio workout that activates several muscle groups at the same time and that is excellent for fat burning. The muscles are also becoming stronger and toned and running, swimming, aerobics, yoga are some of the cardio exercises.

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