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Shaping a body and making it strong is something most of usdesire, but mostly do not have time and nerves to pull it through effectively.But the point is that you do not have to go to a gym in order to bulk up the bodyor a certain area; all can be done at home. There are a lot of exercises for armswith no weights and starting with arms is excellent for beginners.


Arms do not need any additional weight for bulking up,except the weight of the body itself. Of course, without the use ofsupplements, muscle mass will increase slowly, but if there is no bodybuildingcompetition in the picture, supplements might not be needed at all. When itcomes to exercises, we can say that push ups are a basic exercise, one that willsteadily increase the muscle mass and prepare one for something more serious, pullups for example.

Push up is an interesting exercise because it can be done inso many different ways, which means that each muscle in an arm can be increased.All push ups should be tried at first, in order to see which one goes smoothlyand which doesn’t, thus determining the state of certain arm muscles (biceps,triceps, deltoid muscle etc.).


Basic push up is done with palms on the floor at theshoulder level, body elevated but flat (back and legs in the same lane). Notonly the position but the push up itself can be done differently. For example,going down and up can be done slowly with a pause when body is up. Push up canalso be done quickly, as fast as possible, when body is not pulled up to thehighest level. Distance between palms will determine whether the focus is ontriceps or other muscles. Most intensive triceps push up positions palms one toanother, at the level of the lower torso. This one is hard because of the balancethat can be lost easily.

As for other push up forms, legs can be elevated, which combined with wide distance between palms creates a great exercise. If the bodyis positioned on the knees instead of feet, push ups are much easier. Thismight not seem like much, but this push up is great when we have reached ourmaximum in a training session with regular push ups and want to exert armmuscles some more.

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