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Weight reduction is an important part of keeping the health level as high as possible. This is something that many people do not take seriously, especially if extra weight is not too high. The problem is that a few extra pounds usually increase slowly in time and then extreme obesity comes and all those problems that come with it. Those problems include heart related condition and diabetes, as the two most dangerous ones.


Eliminating extra weight can be done with the help of diets and increased physical activity. Those are basic methods but there are also some additional options that include the use of supplements and even surgery. As for physical activity, it might be the most natural method and it should be applied. The problem is not in the weight reduction itself, because with some effort, the results will come. The problem is in the shape of the body. Fat areas are not losing fat tissue at the same rate and that leaves certain regions which requires additional attention. One of those is belly area, which might be the most problematic one.


So, how to lose belly fat? It is obvious that exercises that focus this area only must be applied, but there is also need for some cardio workout. Cardio is excellent for overall weight loss, and it will affect the entire body, including the problematic area too. As for the exercises that affect only the abdominal area, those are crunches, sit-ups and leg raising. These are basic ones, but there are also hanging leg raising, inverse table crunches, planks etc. These exercises are mostly based on Flexing the abdominal muscles, which will tone those muscles and also increase their mass.

Crunches are performed with a practitioner lying on the floor on the back. Legs are stretched or bent in knees, while arms are set aside (for beginners). Raising torso and elevating legs is needed for the exercise to be performed. This is an excellent form for lower abs, while sit-ups are more suitable for the upper abdominal area. Sit-ups are basically the same as crunches, but without moving the legs.

Advanced forms are for those who feel that basic exercises are easily done. Hanging leg raises require from a practitioner to hold the pull up bar with hands, while the body is in the air. Performing leg raises from this starting position is much harder than a regular thing, and it emphasizes not only the core, but the arms, the entire torso and legs too.

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