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When it comes to workout, it must be said that there are more andmore new exercising forms and techniques that can be applied. It is somethingthat comes with new researches conducted to make the exercising more efficient andalso available for all those who are not able to perform standard forms. Thisactually goes for people who suffered some sort of injury and older peopletoo. The exercise ball has been used lately by those who have some physical issues and need help with performing certain exercises. Actually, this is how medicineball started out, but now it is used by everyone because of its benefits.

The ball

The thing with the ball is that it can be used to make someexercises a bit easier, providing a soft surface for the practitioner. The ball can be used for supporting the back of the practitioner and that is why itis excellent for all those who have back problems. A good example would be theexercise ball abs workout. The lower back is on the ball and the body is alsopropped on the feet. All that is left is raising the torso. With this position, the body will have the soft surface beneath it and additional strength isneeded for maintaining the balance on the ball. Another abs exercise that can beperformed requires a person being on the floor with back down and with legs onthe ball in such a way that calves are on the top of the ball and the legs arebent in knees with the 90 degrees angle. There are also crunches that can beperformed – this exercise requires side of the body positioned on the ball. Foreasier workout, feet can be placed on the nearby wall at a level higher thanground. These are some basic forms, but there are many other ways to use the ballfor some effective training session.

Abdominal area

This is one of the toughest areas for perfecting because fatcells are produced more in this region. The reason for this is related to the self-defensivemechanism – when there is more food in the organism, the body accumulates it for thestarvation period (which never comes, and so obesity emerges). For making a fit andstrong body, using the exercise ball or any other is not enough; a proper dietingis needed. This includes healthy, balanced meals and no junk food allowed, withproper ration of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats).

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