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There are many positive effects that are created by regular and intensive physical activity but for most of the men, the first thing they will say they like about sweating in the gym is big muscles. And it is true that strengthening muscles is one of the major effects of exercising, but of course, there are others that should be mentioned, such as reduced fat tissue, stronger immune system, boosted libido, more energy etc. Still, lifting weights will be the most commonly performed exercise in most of the gyms and in home environment, too.


Weight bar exercises are numerous and more or less, they are all based on resistance training. Resistance training is performed when muscles have to put out some effort in order to subdue the lifted weight, to defeat the resistance that the additional weight creates. This is what makes muscle mass bigger, what creates so much wanted bulked up effect. Muscle mass increases when the number of muscle cells and fibers increases, but also when the space between muscle cells becomes bigger (interstitial space).Barbell and dumbbells are commonly used tools for inducing muscle mass growth and most of the exercises use those tools. What are some basic weight bar exercises?


Bench press should be one of the most common forms. For this exercise, a practitioner should be lying on the bench on the back. Barbell is usually placed in the bar holders set at the shoulder level or even at head level. Practitioners grab the bar with hands and once a good position is found, lift the bar from holders and lower it on the chest. Of course, it is not placed on the chest, the motion stops just above it, and from this position the bar is lifted up until the arms are extended completely. This is a basic variation, but there are so many different forms and each of those should be done if a person wants to develop upper torso, shoulder and arms properly and completely. Bicep curl – this exercise requires a standing position from a practitioner. The bar is held by hands while arms are extended and positioned next to body. With bending the arms in elbows and using the strength of the biceps mostly, the bar is lifted. A practitioner should be careful not to use body to lift the weight, spine should be still, while elbows should not move either Another interesting exercise with barbell is squat, an exercise that affects many muscle groups and is excellent for muscle mass building and strengthening legs, core, torso, arms...

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