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There are many new ways of exercising that satisfy all needsof the practitioner and that might even make the training session very interestingand fun. This might prove to be very important because exercising is somethingthat should be done over a long period of time, if possible, the entire life. For this reason, it must not become boring for the practitioner at least for some time, after which something else can be tried.

New workout

Exercise ball can be considered a new workout because it ispresent for only a couple of decades. This does not mean that it is any lesseffective, on the contrary; it has the same positive effects as any other physicalactivity and is recommended for all those who have back pain problems andother people in need of physical therapy. There are several different diametersof this ball and it is used in many workout types, including yoga, pilates,aerobics etc.

The efficacy

What would be included in a standard exercise ball routine?More or less, all of the standard exercises can be performed with the help of the exercise ball. For example, push-ups can be performed with the ball. It is requiredfrom a practitioner to place the legs on the ball, with knees on the top of theball, or in other variation - with feet on the ball. This second variation mightprove to be a bit more difficult than the standard push-up because feet arepositioned on the higher altitude and more weight should be lifted. Palms infront of the torso can be placed close to each other for focusing the triceps, ormoved far apart for strengthening the shoulders. Whatever the case, upper torsois developed with this exercise but also the core is developed, together withlegs and back.

Abdominal muscles can be performed within theexercise ball routine. This exercise can be performed in two ways. One is bylying on the ball with the back down and with propping the body on the feet whilelegs are bent in knees. This is a classic sit-up and in this position, additionalstrength is needed for keeping the balance on the ball. Another form includeslying on the floor with back down, while feet are on the ball again, with legsbent in knees.

Triceps dips can be performed too. Practitioner is sitting onthe floor with straight back right next to the ball, while legs are also on thefloor, stretched out without bending. Palms are then placed back on the ball andlifting the body can begin.

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