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When it comes to exercising, people usually make one simple mistake. They exercise without any long term plan, which benefits more for the organism than only short period of intensive workout (couple of months, for example). This means that many, many months are needed for creating the best possible result when it comes to physical aspect of the body. Also, some areas of the body require more attention than the others, and that is also something that people who exercise have to take into consideration.


As mentioned, some areas need more focus and usually the abdominal area as well, because that is the region which is supposed to accumulate more fat tissue whenever it is possible and available. That is why almost each workout plan includes performing abdominal exercises. Other regions that present more problems to practitioners are legs, back and buttocks. Exercises that are focusing legs include those that develop thighs and calves. There are several different thigh exercises, including those for quads, outer and inner thigh exercises, and back thigh forms.

Exercise ball

Some of these exercises can be performed with the help of exercising ball and might prove to be even more effective in that variation. Exercise ball can be purchased in several different dimensions. As for inner thigh exercises, one of the forms requires a lying position from a practitioner. Legs are in the air and bent in knees, with the ball between the legs at the thigh level. All that is needed is raising the legs toward the chest and back. Also, some variations include moving the legs sideways and also performing pedaling motions. Actually, it can be said that these are variations of crunches form, but with the exercise ball between the legs.

Another good exercise for legs and thighs (inner and outer) is a squat. It can be done with or without the help of the exercise ball. Squat is done from a position in which a practitioner is bent slightly forward, with the legs bent in knees, but with hips above the knee level. A practitioner can hold the exercise ball in front of him/her or the ball might not be used at all. Exercise is done with the hips going up and, of course, this raises torso too.

Cardio workout is also excellent for legs, including the thighs. Jogging should be mentioned here, since it is an excellent exercise for the entire body and for shaping the muscles. Since muscles in legs are mostly used for jogging, this exercise should be included in each training session, at least as a warm up part in the form of spot jogging.

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