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It is really essential for keeping the health status of theorganism in check to perform as many exercises as possible daily and weekly.This will create several positive effects for the organism. The most importantones are reduced fat tissue and increased overall energy. This will makeperforming all daily functions much easier. Important thing is to know what isthe final goal of exercising. Simply performing exercises like push ups and situps is effective, but it would be much better and better results would comewith some organized schedule.

Workout types

There are several basic workout types that should be used.Cardio, resistance training, plyometrics, aerobic and anaerobic, these all canbe applied but there are also some other possibilities that are interesting.For example, martial arts can be performed and also some less common workouts.Those would be using kettle ball, resistance band and stability ball. What arethe benefits of stability ball exercise? Stability ball is something that becomesmore and more popular. The size of the ball depends on the diameter that goesfrom 14 to 34 inches and even more. This ball is generally used in cardioworkout, but it can be applied in all forms.

This means that most likely, the best workout session wouldhave to combine several different things. This would be for the best becauseall of the muscle groups would be affected in different ways, which is greatfor overall muscle toning and shaping the body.

The ball

The ball has been used in pilates and in some other cardioroutines. There are many standard exercises that can be performed with the helpof stability ball. So, what are some stability ball exercises? One of theexercises that is commonly used is a sit up. When there is a ball included, apractitioner sits on the ball with feet on the ground. Torso is loweredbackward and then raised. This form requires a bit more strength for keepingthe balance on the ball. That extra effort is something that cannot be gainedwith a standard sit up. However, there are some experts who claim thatexercises performed like this will not create any significant effect, perhapsonly with flexibility and the sense of balance. Another stability ball sit up isperformed when the practitioner's back is on the floor and legs raised on theball. This exercise is more similar to a standard sit up than the previousversion.

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