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Exercise ball is an excellent tool for performing many various exercising techniques. With the help of exercise ball, many properties of the body can be increased, such as elasticity, flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina. Actually, it can be said that almost all things achieved with regular exercising forms can be done with the exercise or medicine ball, as some call it. It is also an instrument in physical therapy for those who cannot perform regular physical activity.

Exercise ball comes in different sizes, it is usually made of PVC, and most of the times, it is colored with one color only in order to make it more pleasant and not irritating for the eyes. While exercising with this ball, it is obvious that additional strength needs to be used, because balance is disturbed.


Among other things, legs can be developed with the help of the exercising ball. Legs are usually parts of the body that people are not so interested in developing, or at least not as much as other areas (abdominal region, arms, pecs etc.). Still, nicely shaped legs are something many people, especially women, like to have and see on others. So, what are thigh exercises with exercise ball that proved to be very effective? One of the most effective exercises requires a lying position from the practitioner with calves on the ball and arms set aside. Hips are placed close to the ball, as close as possible. From that position, hips are going up, as high as the body allows. At the peak, the body is held for a while, until all muscles become contracted and then the hips go down slowly to a starting position.

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Squat is also an excellent exercise and it can be done with the help of the exercise ball, too. Squat requires legs to be bent in knees but slightly, and hips lowered, but not lower than the knee level. Torso and neck are in one line and bent forward. Arms are stretched forward in front of torso holding the ball. Feet are set apart at the shoulder width. From this position all that is required is raising the hips until the body is in standing position – and back down. Holding the exercise ball will require additional effort in both strength and balance. There is also a variation of leg raising, done with the exercise ball. Practitioner is on the floor, on the back with legs set apart just enough to put the ball there. Ball can be put at calve level or at thighs level. Ball is squeezed with legs and then leg raising is done. Legs can be stretched and bent in knees as an easier variation.

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