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Side crunches exercises

Exercising prevents several medical problems and should be performed each day. In spite of thinking of most people that exercising is something strenuous and time consuming; physical activity might be something relaxing and fun. Walking is something that definitely burns calories. The number of calories spent this way may not be as big as with running, but in combination with a normal, healthy diet, weight reduction process will start. There are also aerobic exercises and stretching, which is not strenuous but can definitely be included in fat burning activities.

Workout types

There are several types of exercises and all of those have benefits for the human organism. Some of them are increased strength, stronger immune system, better functioning of digestive and respiratory systems, more energy, increased libido…  As for medical conditions prevented with the help of physical activity, we should mention joint problems, increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, heart issues. Cardio exercising and muscle mass building are basic forms of exercising, which can be transformed in many variations.

Cardio workout includes running, swimming aerobic exercises, yoga etc. Actually, all those activities that include use of oxygen in a muscle contraction belong to aerobic forms. Oxygen prolongs the creation of lactic acid, which exhausts the muscles and makes us stop exercising after a while. Since aerobic exercises can be performed for a long period, they are excellent for a fat burning process.

Muscle mass building is all about creating a muscled up body. It is obvious that this type of workout is commonly performed by bodybuilders. Since for weight lifting a fast and explosive muscle contraction is needed, there is simply no time for oxygen to be present in the process, so lactic acid starts building up almost immediately. That is why when high amount of weight is used; the number of reps in a set is usually from 6 to 12, not more.


Abdominal area is filled with muscles that can be bulked up easily with the use of several exercises. Sit ups, crunches and leg raises are basic forms that should be performed in order to create a perfect six pack. Side abs are somewhat more difficult to achieve but it is not impossible with the help of side crunches exercises. Basic form would include crunches with raising only left or only right side of torso. This can be done with hands behind the head and with trying to connect elbow of left hand with the right leg knee.   

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