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Creating a perfectly muscled body is not easy, but with following some basic principles it can be done in some time. Exercising and healthy eating is essential for both losing fat tissue and shaping the body with increasing the muscle mass.

Muscle areas

Muscles can be roughly divided into several areas. There are skeletal muscles, whose shape is visible, and they have an active role in maintaining posture in all possible movements and motions. There are; arm muscles, back, torso with abdominal area and leg muscles too. All of these regions can be exercised at the same time with running and swimming. Those are cardio exercises that emphasize lean muscles and increased fat burning. But to answer the question – how to get washboard abs, more than just cardio workout is needed.

Actually, all possible exercises from all workout types should be done. This means that cardio should be done in order to eliminate all fat (which is important if we want those abs to be seen) and muscle mass for creating an impressive six pack. Tha abdominal area includes upper, lower and side abs. All three areas should be exercised maximally in order to create the best possible result.


What are the best exercises for washboard abs? For toning and creating really perfect abs, many exercises should be performed, from classic ones, such as sit ups, crouches and leg raises up to using a pilates ball. Actually, simple sit ups are performed while sitting on the ball. The problem is that additional strength is needed for keeping the balance that creates better results. Another great exercise for abs is hanging leg raises. This specific exercise requires a chin up bar. Starting position is the same as for pull ups, but this time legs are raised only. Legs can be straight, which is harder, or bent in knees, which is much more suitable for beginners. Also, combining several different forms of sit ups is an excellent workout. Keeping the torso in mid air position as long as possible in sit up position is also very demanding but great for abdominal muscles.

Common sit ups can be performed with additional weight placed on the stomach. This is an exercise that requires already strong abdomen, which can easily withstand more weight. Stretching is also important because that will prevent shortening of the abdominal muscles, which can happen because most of the abdominal muscles are based on flexion.

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