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Exercising has so many forms that there is no way a person cannot find some interesting and effective workout to perform. There are hundreds of exercises, use of additional weight, workout machines such as treadmill and elliptical trainer. There is also aerobic, pilates, jazzercise, jogging, exercises that build strength without the additional weight such as push-ups and pulls ups and so on and on.

The rule

What would be the major rule for practitioners when it comes to exercising? Well, workout has to be proper and effective. This means that not only exercising, but also the time between the training session should be used wisely. Resting period should always be present, because that is the time when the effects of working out start to show. This is also an excellent method to cross the workout plateau, which is bound to happen at some point.

How to do a training session properly? First of all, warming up and stretching must not be skipped. This is important not only for avoiding possible injuries, but for preparing muscles and the entire body for a training session, so that they put out the maximum effort. When a training session starts, exercises must be done in a proper way, without slacking. For example, when push-ups are done, the spine and legs are in the same line. If the body starts to bend, the effect will be reduced. So it is better to do less proper push-ups than more irregular ones. Also, biceps curl is one of the most commonly performed exercises for biceps. Elbows are simply not moving, but they are tightly positioned next to torso; all that pulls up barbell is the strength of the biceps and nothing more. Also, spine should not be moving, because jerking the entire body like this will help the biceps and that is not the point.


Cross training for fitness and weight loss is important part of each training schedule. Cross training is basically using muscles in some different way, breaking the regular schedule. For example, a muscle mass builder should go for some jogging every once in a while. There should be no strict regime and calendar, whenever a person feels like it, something else should be done. This will activate basal metabolism some more, rest the muscle when it comes to standard motions performed in regular training sessions, and increase the overall endurance and stamina. Cross training is excellent for all those who want to challenge their bodies in some new way.

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