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Home workout has many advantages over gym workout. First of all, it can be done whenever a person feels like it, while gym does have some restrictions regarding the schedule. Also, home workout does not require much space and since there is only one practitioner, there is no fear of working space being too crowded, which sometimes happens in the gym. Furthermore, a person can always play some favorite music, while at the gym he has to listen what everyone listens to. Music is sometimes very important because it might stimulate the practitioner to put out a bit more effort, to make the exercising really effective and with impressive results.


There are many different types of workout which can be done at home, although it can be said that most of the time people perform cardio workout at home. This is because it does not require any additional instruments and machines and it is very effective for those people who are in need of losing some weight. Boxing workouts at home might prove to be very interesting and fun, effective too. They are based on cardio workout and they include many different exercises. Actually, training session for boxers should be based on interval and cross training. It has periods of intensive exercising, which last for about two to three minutes, and with short pauses between. It is obvious that this training resembles a boxing match with rounds and pauses. Training session is modified so it prepares the practitioner to be able to be mobile, fast and strong for a couple of minutes and then to relax for the duration of the pause between the rounds.


One of those two minute-exercising periods should be all about spot jogging (if normal jogging is not an option). Spot jogging has so many benefits that it is becoming a part of each training session no matter what workout type is used in the main part of session. Spot jogging has many variations and when all of those are used, legs will be entirely shaped and strengthened after a while. Not only legs, the torso will be greatly enhanced and this also goes for the cardiovascular system.

Another period should be used for boxing motions, which should include punching, blocking and evading. All types of punches should be used and in several combinations, which will make the practitioner become more efficient in landing a punch. Push-ups combined with sit-ups and back exercises should create another of these periods.

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