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In order to fully prepare for an activity such as crosscountry skiing, a strict, rigorous regime is required. First and foremost, one ofthe most important things to work on when preparing for cross country skiing isthe technique. There are certain camps which provide the conditions forpracticing the technique as well as staying in good physical shape. Also, longpole hikes and exercises which strengthen the upper body parts are part ofnecessary training. Finally, one other thing to pay attention to is the diet.

How much time does training for cross country skiingrequire?

Naturally, not everyone has enough spare time to fully andsolely commit to the training for cross country skiing as everyone has everydayobligations and duties. Therefore, the amount of effort and time which isinvested in the training depends on everyone individually. Of course, that doesnot mean that there are no recommended bottom limits regarding the amount oftime spent on training. Making sure to work out once a day is essential, butthe amount of time spent on a daily workout is entirely up to the trainee. Theimportant thing here is the consistency.

How to fit the daily workout into a busy schedule?

Once again, there is no magic bullet or a universal solutionhere. Skills such as creativity and proper time management come in very handyin this situation. If one’s day seems to be filled with obligations from thevery morning to bedtime, then sacrificing an hour of sleep in order to exercisein the morning could be a potential solution. Another option is to do somephysical exercise while guarding the kids. These are just a few suggestions howto fit in the workout in schedules which involve obligations of this kind. Theyshould only illustrate that it is possible to manage everything even though itcan be a bit intense, but when one learns how to make the most of his or herday, nothing will seem like much of a problem.

What kind of exercise should be done?

When it comes to cross country skiing, every muscle counts.Therefore, there are no limitations in the kinds of exercises that could bedone. The more diverse they are, the better. The focus should be strengtheningthe body, both upper and lower, and this can be done through exercises such aslifting weights, running, pole hiking, roller skiing, cycling, swimming, aswell as any kind of water sports.

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