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Exercising is a complex process which involves several things, but the most important effect for most of people is reduction of the fat tissue and strengthening of the muscles. This is why people go to gym, do home workout, perform jogging, engage in all sorts of sport activities (soccer, basketball, martial arts...). The point is that whatever is done, the mentioned two effects are always active and present.


There are several forms of workout that should be applied but the basic ones are cardio and muscle mass building. Both of these are excellent when it comes to their main effect. For example, cardio is used for fat burning, because it is said that this type of workout should burn calories the most. This is because when performing cardio, the body should not get tired so easily and exercising can be peformed for a longer period of time. Also, almost all muscle groups are engaged in cardio activity, thus burning more energy than those exercises that use only one or several muscle groups.

And that is exactly what happens with muscle mass building. This is a type of workout which also consumes energy, but less than cardio. How is that possible when biceps in bicep curls are put under much more strain than with any other type of workout? The answer is easy – biceps in cardio spends less energy than with muscle building, but the number of active muscles in cardio is far greater than in any other form.

Types of training

It has to be said that whatever workout type is chosen, at some point there will be an exercise plateau. In that moment, it seems like there is no progress at all, in spite of intensive training sessions. What can be done in these cases? Most likely, this situation is caused thanks to the ability of the body to adapt to the exercises, meaning that at some point, exercises will become not so difficult and less energy will be spent. To avoid this, interval training workouts should be applied. This is basically performing the same thing but with different attributes. If a person is always jogging, sprinting must be included, let's say fast sprint for about 10 to 30 seconds (according to the physical condition of the practitioner) every 5 or 10 minutes of jogging. The effect is increased, a lot more energy will be spent, and the body will not be able to get used to this new schedule.

Interval training can be performed as a completely different workout type. For example, muscle mass builders should apply cardio workout from time to time.

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